10 Things You May Not Know About Goldie

Oh Goldie..sweet Goldie. She is a crowd pleaser and brings so much joy to our home. I’ve said this before, but Goldie saved our family. I was pregnant with Goldie when her(and Avery & Poppy’s) dad and I ended our marriage. I was beyond scared to have a third baby and become a single mom. The moment the doctor laid Goldie on my chest I felt the most overwhelming peace. My fear washed away and I knew Goldie coming into this world would save me and the older girls. I was right.

Between @thegoldiegrams and what I’ve shared here, I don’t know if there are too things you may not know about Goldie. Let’s try.

Goldie Harris of Salty Lashes wearing Zara and Birkenstocks

Goldie found this leaf and insisted it could shade Ozzy from the sun. My outfit details HERE (click)

Goldie Harris of Salty Lashes wearing Zara and Birkenstocks Goldie Harris of Salty Lashes wearing Zara and Birkenstocks

Bring Goldie to a shoot and she will find props to style the photos, haha. 



10 Things You May Not Know About Goldie

  1. As I mentioned above Goldie has an Instagram account that I create when she was about 3 or 4 called @thegoldiegrams. She didn’t even know she had this account until about 2 years ago. She doesn’t look at it, or Instagram in general. Older kids at school try and talk to her about her account and she just walks away. Haha. It means nothing to her and I love that.
  2. She may seem like an extrovert, but Goldie is actually very shy in person.
  3. Her favorite color is black and least favorite color is pink. Mine too..
  4. Last week she said to me in tears ” I just wish I had a sister” Uhh, you have three…
  5. I received a hefty bill from the school cafeteria last year. My kids take their lunch each day. Goldie was taking her lunch, throwing it away and then charging her school account each day for about 2 months straight. Still unsure why the school didn’t notify me after a week of her doing this..
  6. She went through a major boy phase. Not liking boys, wanting to be one.
  7. Since she was about 3 years old she’s had her kids names picked out. Jackson and Emma. Never wavered on other names. For 5 years it’s been Jackson and Emma.
  8. For a few month’s around age 5 she asked us to change her name to Fountain. I’m serious.
  9. She loves salads as much as she loves candy.
  10. Goldie is one of the most fun people to be around. The older she gets, the less often she spits out one of her famous one liners. But when she does, it’s still just as funny as they were 6 years ago.