10,000 Steps A Day Using Our Garmin Fitness Trackers

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A month ago Goldie and I received the VIVOMOVE HR and VIVOFIT JR. 2 by Garmin to test out. I knew Goldie would LOVE to add another watch to her collection. If you’ve seen my Instagram stories you know she has a collection of GPS & fitness watches. I on the other hand, had no idea how much I would truly love this watch! It’s been one month and so many of you have messaged to ask what watch I’m wearing. Here it is and it’s incredible!

10,000 Steps A Day Challenge with Goldie

Goldie and I have contests to see who can get to 10,000 steps first each day. We both hit the 10k mark daily, Goldie usually before she gets home from school and me as I jog around the house at 11pm to hit my goal, haha! #computerjobproblems:)

Vivomove HR by Garmin Review 

I selected the VIVOMOVE HR based on it’s features: heart rate monitor, step counter, notifications for incoming calls and texts and my favorite feature..all day stress and relaxation tracker! So cool, right? You can monitor all your stats in the Garmin app on your phone.

I really thought I would test this watch out for a week to give it a proper review and then wear it on occasion. Nope, I have only taken it off to shower, a few outfit posts and to charge. Nothing about this watch looks like an activity tracker. Also, it’s charges insanely fast. One hour max and it’s fully charged for 5 days of use! I love the Vivomove and highly recommend it. I’m wearing the onyx face with tan suede band. However, you can get the VivomoveHR in several color patterns and band options starting at $199.99 PLUS right now through the 16th, Garmin is offering $30 off!

Vivofit Jr. 2 by Garmin Review

First, Goldie wants me to let you know the VIVOFIT JR. 2 is awesome! She has also worn it every day for one month. Probably my favorite thing about this watch for kids is that you don’ t have to charge it! Instead the Vivofit Jr. 2 has a battery that lasts one year. It’s also swim friendly which means Goldie can shower wearing it. Basically she never has to remove it, so there is a solid chance she won’t lose it. Another cool feature is the parent controlled app. In the app you can set reminders and alerts to be sent to your child’s Vivofit Jr. 2 to remind them about homework, chores, bedtime, etc. It’s SO cool and useful! Goldie selected Minnie Mouse from all sorts of Disney and Marvel options. Watches are $79.99 PLUS $20 off until the 16th of February. These make great Valentine gifts for your kids!

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Now through February 16th take $30 off the Vivomove HR and $20 off the Vivofit Jr. 2