DIY Trader Joe’s Floral Arrangement

Spring is in full bloom & I am loving all of the colors that come around this time of year! Nature is in its’ prime & showing off the prettiest of flowers, weather and sunshine!

There’s something special about having fresh flowers in your home. It brightens up any room and bring a pop of color and sense of nature into my space! Trader Joe’s always has a great selection of flowers and greenery. It makes it so easy to pick up a few bundles of flowers while getting my weekly groceries! It’s one of my favorite weekly rituals I do. I love creating my own floral arrangement to display on my kitchen counter for the week!

I’m excited to share tips on creating your own Spring floral arrangement using spring flowers from Trader Joe’s! This arrangement is so easy to do & under $20! It makes an awesome bouquet to display in your home or even use as a centerpiece for Easter Sunday dinner

DIY Trader Joe’s Floral Arrangement

The Flowers & Greenery You’ll Need:

(purchased from Trader Joe’s. Prices may vary by location)


1 bundle of yellow Mini Carnations ($3.99)

Carnations are SUCH beautiful flowers! They actually shift in color a little bit after 24 hours! Called “a flower of the Gods”, each color of carnations represents something different! These will add awesome color to your arrangement.


1 bundle of pink Ranunculus ($4.99)

These are such soft & delicate flowers. They are beautiful around spring time & I loved how they turned out in the bouquet. Ranunculus are fun & playful, so they add their own twist to any arrangement!


1 bundle of Pink Tulips ($5.99)

Tulips are the ultimate spring flower! They just scream ‘Springtime’! They’re tall, sturdy and just beautiful flowers. They really tied in both the carnations and ranunculus!


1 bundle of Assorted Seasonal Greens ($2.99)

This is just an awesome bunch of greenery used to create a foundation for your arrangement & to add dimension & texture! You can use any greens you like, or even trim branches from an outside tree of bush to use in your bouquet as well! Get creative!

the best flowers to make a flower arrangement at home Flowers & Greenery



A Pair of Gardening Shears

A Vase (about 6”- 8” wide & however short or tall you would like!)

About 2.5 Cups Water

3 Tsp Sugar


Step 1:

‘Clean’ your flowers & greenery. This doesn’t mean to wash them in the sink, but to “shuck” excess leaves from the bottom of the flower stems & greenery. This way, your stems are clean and if you’re using a clear vase, you can see bare stems inside instead of leaves.

Step 2:

Once everything is ‘cleaned’, fill your vase with about 2.5 cups of water. You can mix in about 3 tsp. of sugar, which is a great plant food alternative!

Step 3:

Create your base with your greenery. The best way is to place the greenery stems into the vase by criss-crossing them, clipping them with your shears as you go! The wilder the better! Remember you can clip pieces down later on if they’re looking too long in the piece.

Pro tip: clip your stems at an angle! This helps your flowers to last longer & absorb water easier.

Step 4:

Once you have a great base of greens, start tucking in your flowers throughout the arrangement! I usually do one flower type at a time, then add the rest! Make sure to add flowers all around the piece, not just to the front! Remember to clip your stems and you go so that they aren’t too tall for the vase!

Step 5:

Tuck in a few more greens to fill in the gaps! If you run out, try clipping some branches with greenery from a bush or tree outside your house! This adds a personal touch to the arrangement and a great tool to help stay in budget!

Make sure to maintain the water levels in your vase & add a little sugar everyday to feed the plants!

Seriously, the colors in this bouquet are amazing. They fully embody the spring season & I can’t wait to make another for Easter Sunday! Creating your own floral arrangement is a great way to add nature’s touch to your home & stay in a budget! Floral design is an awesome skill to work on and I can’t wait to make more arrangements in the future.


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