Easter for Teens

Being a teen mom is so fun! These 25 items range from trendy tech gadgets to stylish fashion finds that are sure to excite them.  Easter is just around the corner- I hope this list helps make your holiday shopping easier!

Easter For Teens

collage of products on Easter for Teens
  1. I love this FLORAL EMBROIDERED MINI DRESS and its tie back.
  2. This GINGHAM MINI TOTE is available in 3 colors and is great for spring!
  3. I wish I had BETTERHORMONES when I was a teen. I am so happy that my girls have it now! You can use code BD10 to save!
  4. I love the pattern of this FLORAL BIKINI.
  5. If your kids feel too old for bunny baskets, this WICKER STORAGE BASKET is perfect to display easter goodies.
  6. This GLASS CUP WITH LID is the best size for all drinks!
  7. I love the BAGGU REUSABLE TOTE for groceries, running errands, travel, and more!
  8. This PAPERCLIP NECKLACE is great for girls who are starting to get into jewelry! 
  9. Self care routines will be elevated with this SILK COOLING EYE MASK.
  10. This EMBROIDERED TIERED MIDI DRESS is a longer version of the first dress, so you have options!
  11. I love this cute BEADED EARBUD CASE for any of my girls.
  12. The novelty of this WHIP CREAM SUNSCREEN made it go viral last year. It is sure to be a hit!
  13. You already know I love a Skims lounge set. This pink SKIMS COTTON FLEECE ZIP UP is no exception! 
  14. The zip up must be paired with the SKIMS COTTON FLEECE SHORTS for ultimate lounging.
  15. You can never go wrong with a classic, tennis style jewelry piece like this DUOMO NECKLACE.

More Easter for Teens Favorites

  1. The shape of this POPLIN MINI DRESS screams springtime! 
  2. Not only do I love these FRUIT BABIES BEST SELLERS, but I love how cute they are!
  3. This MAGSAFE SUCTION PHONE MOUNT is so great because it can be removed and stuck back on as many times as they want.
  4. We love that our favorite towel is now a beach towel. Use code LISA15 to save money on this GEOMETRY BEACH TOWEL.
  5. I love these BUTTERFLY HUGGIE EARRINGS and that they are under $15!
  6. These FARM RIO HAVAIANAS are a great spring and summer staple for the pool and beach. 
  7. I love the color of this CRINKLE MIDI DRESS. It is a perfect pastel green!
  8. This 14K GOLD DIPPED BURST RING is simple, sweet, and great for stacking!
  9. If your daughter is a swiftie, she will be obsessed with this TAYLOR SWIFT FASHION BOOK.
  10. This BUNNY PRINTED PUFFY LAPTOP SLEEVE has the perfect Easter pattern!
  11. It is fitting that the color of this FREE PEOPLE MILA MINI DRESS is Pineapple Slice, because it screams warm weather!
  12. I love gifts that teach my girls to take care of themselves like this UO EXCLUSIVE 5 MINUTE JOURNAL.