Favorites from Trish McEvoy

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Nordstrom is always my go-to when it comes to shopping for my favorite beauty products. I know when I shop at Nordstrom, all of my options are high-quality, tried & tested products. They have an amazing return policy and great customer service, ALWAYS. Plus, their employees are so knowledgable! I always get the help I need in finding the best products for my skin type, skin tone and skin care goals.

One of my favorite beauty brands that Nordstrom carries is Trish McEvoy. Trish McEvoy’s makeup and skincare line has been around for over 40 YEARS. Her methods and formulas have made such a difference on my skin. Her products are clean, strengthening and nourishing. Here are a few of my favorites: 


 TRISH MCEVOY’S CORRECT & EVEN FOUNDATIO  is a weightless and lifting formula leave an effortless look. I use mine as a long-wearing foundation all over my face and neck. It is a perfect product for on the go as well!

Another product I love is TRISH MCEVOY’S FAST TRACK BRONZER STICK. If you haven’t jumped on the bronzing band wagon by now, you need to. This bronzing stick delivers such a beautiful tone and finish, I carry it around in my purse for on-the-go touch ups. Also, I love it on my cheekbones and even used as a little bit of contour!

This INSTANT EYE LIFT CORRECTOR has won several beauty awards! If you’ve been searching for a great under-eye product that will help conceal dark spots and dry skin, give it a try. It’s nourishing and moisturizing and helps with puffiness!

I love a great multi-use product. And this LIQUID FACE COLOR takes the cake, like it so good! It comes in 1 amazing shade that is great for all skin tones. I love using it mostly as a bush! Also, it’s plumping, hydrating and leaves such a pretty finish on any skin tone!

Have you tried this LASH CURLING MASCARA? It gives lashes an amazing tint and curl, as well as lifts the lashes and lasts 24 hours! I love the curling wand it uses and how simple it is to remove, yet how long it lasts on my lashes! ps, it come off in tubes, no messy eyes! 

This GEL EYELINER PENCIL comes in 3 amazing and bold shades. It is an amazing product for anyone wanting a defined eyeliner in a deep pigment. It lasts long & gives an effortless look. It’s even safe for your waterline and the other end is used to blend and smudge. Wearing the color Deep Aubergine. 

Trish McEvoy’s SPF BEAUTY BOOSTER LIP GLOSS is an amazing and nourishing formula that I have loved for years! Great shimmer and shade with plumping, moisturizing and protecting abilities! The best part is I can wear it to the beach and my lips are hydrated & protected! 

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Favorites from Trish McEvoy