Top 10 Shoes from Nordstrom

Do you know what shoe I love and have worn for 10+ years? UGGS that I buy at Nordstrom. Some of you just laughed. Some of you just questioned my taste in shoes. But hear me me the UGG is the equivalent to a minivan. Both may not be the coolest shoe/car, right? But both are extremely functional and last for years! I proudly wear my UGGS, especially to the beach in the winter. Why? A. they keep my feet warm. B. sand doesn’t get in them like sand does in all my other beach appropriate shoes (ie: Van’s, Nike’s)

Nordstrom is the #1 place I shop, hands down. No other store compares in selection, quality, customer service and price matching!LIsa ALlen in Aviator Nation and Uggs

LIsa ALlen in Aviator Nation and Uggs



1.We are loving these TAN/WHITE CHECKER VANS 

2. I have a few pair of UGGS, but the mini is my favorite.

3.If you’re looking to splurge on some really fun sneakers, consider GOLDEN GOOSE 

4.Loving this pair of ADIDAS sneakers 

5.Speaking of a splurge, I want these Saint Laurent’s 

6.The THEA has been so popular. Now in more colors!

7.These UGG SLIPPERS are 50% off. My best friend has them and they are good!

8.I think I need to get this pair of ADIDAS

9.I’m super drawn to these SNEAKERS 

10.This pair of VANS is so so cute!

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