What We Bought on Amazon in 2018

A couple of weeks ago my friend Leanne posted the question on her story asking readers how many purchases they made on Amazon in 2018. I had no idea you could even check that but sure enough you can search your order history over a year it will tell you. So how many orders did we make in 2018? 239..yikes. I have to say Jeff orders cases of San Pellegrino water from Amazon..so that’s at least 40 of those orders;). Today I’m sharing a few of our favorite things we bought on Amazon in 2018!

lisa allen of salty lashes sharing top favorites from amazon best levi's sherpa jacket on lisa allen

SHERPA JACKET (wearing a XS) – SUNGLASSESJEANS (true to size)

What We Bought On Amazon In 2018 


  • Nearly 5 stars and 925 reviews, I love my SILK PILLOWCASES. I bought some for $80 per pillowcase at Nordstrom, then I discovered these. Only $21.99! Try them! They are so good for your hair and much better for your skin.
  • I talked about FOOD GRADE MINERAL OIL in my last newsletter. Ps…sign up for the newsletter..I have a giveaway coming up. You can sign up on the About Us page and/or sidebar, bottom of this home page if you are on mobile. This is Jeff #1 way to clean your cutting boards and butcher blocks!
  • You know I am obsessed with my AIR POPPER! (See my POPCORN making tutorial). I ordered two this year for friends from Amazon because it’s still my favorite popper! This is the giant BOWL I use for ours.
  • We’ve loved these FRIDGE ORGANIZERS!
  • I’ve shared on story my bathroom cabinets Jeff made. These PRODUCT SHELVES and ORGANIZERS are so great and also fit perfectly in drawers for makeup!
  • A SET of 2 SUCCULENTS for $24. We have these on a shelf in our bathroom.
  • Also in our bathroom, these WHITE TOWELS. I always buy fresh white towels because I love the simplicity and clean esthetic. Towels can be expensive, these have been great and come out to $10 per towel.
  • We love these TURKISH TOWELS. I can easily fit 6 of them in my beach bag. They dry super quick and can be wrapped around and used as a beach coverup!
  • When you don’t want to get out a colander or need to degrease the sauté pan..use this POT/PAN STRAINER! 
  • I’ve been talking about this CONAIR STEAMER for 2+ years. It’s handheld and so good, I tossed my regular iron and board for it.
  • A couple of new coffee table books I bought this year: YSL and ARCHITECTS’ HOUSES.
  • I bought my first LABEL MAKER..lots of research led me to this one.
  • My friend Erica @fashionlush posted these SCREEN CLEANING CLOTHS and I was instantly sold! Nothing has ever cleaned my laptop screen as easy as this cloth! 4 pack for $9.99
  • Since beach towns have banned plastic straws and I literally despise paper straws, I ordered several SILICONE STRAWS. We love these! Also ordered these COCKTAIL LENGTH for kids cups, perfect length.
  • I shared my best anti-aging/anti-pee your pants tip HERE! This JUMPROPE is a great one. Make sure you adjust to the right length for your height.
  • I’ve talked about this product for a few years. I love to do squats wearing this HIP CIRCLE. I wear a size medium.
  • It’s not always easy to find TANK ONESIES for Ozzy. I love these by Carter’s.
  • I don’t usually recommend ordering skincare from Amazon. You can easily get fake or expired products. However, I have ordered from this seller many times to get our PCA CLEARSKIN moisturizer. It’s what my teens use every day to prevent breakouts!
  • I love TRUFFLE SALT and think this brand is really good. So great on vegetables, popcorn and steak! A little goes a long way.
  • Our entire family wears CARHARTT BEANIES, even Ozzy (adult sizes fit kids too). Only $12.99 and so many colors to choose from!
  • Ozzy got this PRETEND MAKEUP SET for Christmas. It’s adorable!
  • My favorite PROTEIN BARS!
  • My interior design friend recommended these PILLOW INSERTS. Super affordable and they’ve been great!
  • Growing up we spent many summers in Utah visiting my grandparents on both sides. My sisters and I would stock up on SMARTIE SUCKERS. Now I buy them for my kids because they are not sticky..at all! Ps. I eat them too.
  • I ordered these SOCKS for Avery & Poppy. Honestly, I was sick of spending money on Vans socks. Guess what..they love this set just as much as they do their Vans sock (notice it’s singular, they always loose the match:))
  • I’ve used these TONGUE SCRAPERS for over a decade. Best to fight bad breath and get rid of bacteria.
  • My GOLD BANGLES are now available on Amazon!
  • Keep your blonde, BLONDE with this PURPLE SHAMPOO!
  • So many of you have already ordered this PORTABLE CHARGER, it’s the best I’ve found. We first bought them a year ago and now own 5..haha #weLOVEthem
  • Letting your kids know you love them but often forget to add notes to their lunchbox? These LUNCHBOX JOKES are awesome and I just pull one out and add it to Goldie’s lunch.
  • I talked about loving the GREEN LANEIGE LIP MASK even more than the pink. And I swear the shine is even better!
  • I first saw this on @TwoPeasInaPrada and couldn’t believe she found a handheld MICRO-CURRENT MACHINE! I had a bulky professional machine in my skincare salon 15+ years ago. It was the best for acne prone skin. The currents kill bacteria on contact. I ordered one to see if it was any good and have been pretty impressed for the price! There is also a comb attachment you can use to stimulate hair growth. Pretty cool device!