How to Keep White Clothes White

A white top is essential to every woman’s wardrobe. I actually think several white tops are essential in your closet. Why? There are so many options, i.e tees, button ups, blouses, sweaters. They are as versatile as you get! The downfall of finding a great white top, is keeping it white year after year.Some of the white pieces in my closet have been there for over 15 years and still look great! Here are a few tips on how to keep white clothes white:

How to Keep White Clothes White

  1. Separate your loads in your washing machine! Even light colors can transfer onto your whites. Only wash whites with whites. I also love to air dry white clothing to avoid rubbing in the dryer.
  2. Don’t overuse laundry detergent during your wash cycle. It’s common to assume the more detergent, the cleaner our clothes get. Wrong. The more detergent residue our clothes have, the more they attract dirt.
  3. Make sure your load is always well rinsed. I do a double rinse on my whites.
  4. Use the hottest water! Hot water will work with your laundry detergent to brighten & whiten your clothing.
  5. Fabric softeners help to keep your clothes comfortable and lightweight as they gain stiffness from each wash.
  6. Dry whites on low. A dryer that is too hot can singe your whites.
  7. Spot treat as soon as you can! If you end up with a small stain, treat them as soon as possible. Stain removal is a huge key in keeping white clothes bright!
  8. Always read the care labels on your clothing! Care labels give great insight into the specific needs of certain materials.
  9. Only use chlorine bleach on cotton and towels. It can damage delicate fabrics and act as a color remover on clothing you don’t want color removed on.
  10. Try mixing 1/2 cup of lemon juice to hot water. Then you can soak your clothes overnight. My mom also adds white vinegar.
  11. Use Borax. Borax boosts detergent quality. It’s all-natural and safe to use. Love how it leaves white clothes, white. You can use a product called White Brite. A little goes a long way, so read instructions. Can also be used on colors.

White Tops I’m Loving

There’s so much to love about a good white top, blouse, tank or tee, especially in the spring! I love how a white top is fitting for every season. But I especially love a white top in the springtime because of all the fun ways it can be styled! 

  1. Love the thick collar on this FREE PEOPLE FEARLESS TEE! This is another great oversized tee for all seasons.
  2. This HAYLEY RACERBACK BRAMI is such a cute workout or every-day tank. Love the high neck and ribbed material.
  3. I love the long, balloon sleeves on this POPLIN OVERSIZE BLOUSE from Nordstrom. Such a great coverup or button-up.
  4. This TREASURE & BOND PADDED TEE has the best muscle-tee style. Perfect for tucking into jeans or shorts.
  5. Love the style of this ASTR THE LABEL PUFF SLEEVE TOP. The ruched detailing is adorable!
  6. This V EASY TEE from Free People is the perfect, staple v-neck t-shirt for any wardrobe!
  7. Super cute puff sleeves on this TREASURE & BOND T-SHIRT! Another great staple for any wardrobe/style.
  8. This NIRVANA TEE is a great white graphic tee that goes with everything! You can dress it up or down easily.
  9. Love the henley style of this BDG CROPPED TEE! Great for layering or pairing with pants, jeans or shorts.
  10. Love the collared deep v-neck on this NATION LTD. SAXON BLOUSE! Such a cute style.
  11. This DENISE COTTON TOP is a great white t-shirt to keep in your wardrobe. Easy to style and accessorize with.
  12. The material this UO BUTTON-UP POLO TOP is made of is adorable! Love the fitted style and white color.
lisa allen of salty lashes sharing how to keep whites white in urban outfitters lisa allen of salty lashes sharing how to keep whites white in urban outfitters


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