Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day October 2023

I am so excited Prime Day is back and just in time for the beginning of the holidays. I love shopping for great deals and getting a head start on my Christmas shopping. This month, shop so many amazing items on Amazon October 10 & 11. There are deals ranging from the best electronics and kitchen items to beauty products and more this month and I am so excited to share my favorite Prime Day finds. 

Amazon Prime Day October 2023

collage of products from Amazon Prime Day 2023
  1. This LIVING PROOF DRY SHAMPOO is my favorite and works so well. On sale for Prime Day!
  2. Heard so many amazing things about this TINECO FLOOR ONE CORDLESS FLOOR CLEANER that vacuums and mops simultaneously.
  3. This APPLE 10TH GENERATION IPAD would make a great holiday gift and is on sale for $400.
  4. Love these LUMINEUX WHITENING STRIPS so much! The ingredients are all natural and they work so well. 40% off! 
  5. These BOSE NOISE CANCELING HEADPHONES have amazing reviews for music & noise canceling. On sale for $299! 
  6. This WALKING PAD is a cult favorite and on sale for Prime Day! Such a great way to add walking to your day.
  7. This DYSON CORDLESS VACUUM is 15% off for Prime Day and going to go fast! 
  8. Prime Day is always the best time to get your hands on a SAMSUNG FRAME TV! So amazing for any room in the house.
  9. So many people will be excited about these APPLE AIRPOD MAX HEADPHONES on sale for 13% off! 
  10. This GE COUNTERTOP ICE MAKER makes the best pebble ice and is on sale for Prime Day! Another item that will go fast.
  11. Love that this VITAMIX E310 BLENDER is on sale for $289 for Prime Day! We love ours. 
  12. Grab this 3-pack of BLINK OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERAS for $99! Great outdoor cameras that connect to your phone. 
  13. Love these GOLD HOOP EARRINGS and all the sizes/metals they come in. Perfect everyday earrings.
  14. This APPLE AIRTAG 4-PACK is a great deal and on sale for under $90! 
  15. My girls love using these LED STRIP LIGHTS in their bedrooms! Can be powered via remote or phone. 

More from Amazon Prime Day 2023

  1. These DERMAPLANING RAZORS are the best for removing hair off of your face. Love this 12 pack for under $10.
  2. This NECK/BACK MASSAGER works so well and feels so good! On sale for under $50.
  3. These REUSABLE GLASS STRAWS are so great for beverages at home and this 16 pack is on sale for $7.
  4. These APPLE 2ND GENERATION AIRPODS are under $100 on sale and will go fast! 
  5. I think this MARSHALL EMBERTON PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER is so cute and it;s on sale for Prime day! Great gift idea. 
  6. This ECHO DOT is so great for any household and on sale for under $25! 
  7. Love how hydrating this COSRX SNAIL MUCIN ESSENCE is and it’s on sale for Prime Day for $15.
  8. This WATERPIK FLOSSER is amazing for flossing/cleaning your gums and is 25% off right now! 
  10. This NEWAIR BEVERAGE REFRIGERATOR is so great for sodas, juices and waters! Great for a kitchen, garage or game room.
  11. This NINJA MAX XL AIR FRYER is amazing and so great for endless possibilities of foods. On sale for $119.
  12. Love this IWALK MINI PORTABLE CHARGER for my phone! It stays charged all day and is super compact.