Cuisinart Air Fryer Review

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I have to start by saying I don’t typically buy into the latest kitchen gadget craze, however each time I saw an air fryer ad I found myself completely engaged! I started shopping around a couple of months ago, reading reviews and asking friends who had already purchased one. Cuisinart seemed to be the best option for our family’s needs and I thought it’d be a great way to start things in the kitchen in the new year! It’s a toaster oven/air fryer all in one! We don’t own an actual toaster. Weird, I know. My kids think we need one, I personally don’t, considering I buy bread maybe once every couple of months. That being said, they LOVE using the Cuisinart to heat up pizza and even use the air fryer themselves for frozen wonton’s & spring rolls. Basically the Cuisinart Air Fryer makes eating healthier a breeze!

Once I decided I wanted the Cuisinart, I did a major google search to find the best deals. During my search I discovered that Cuisinart has their own shop store on eBay! I had no idea! In fact, eBay has partnered with a ton of our favorite brands like Dyson, Adidas, New Balance and Ray-Ban featured within their Brand Outlets! I love knowing items I buy from an eBay outlet store is coming direct from the brand!

What I Love About the Cuisinart Air Fryer:

  1. How compact it is! I don’t buy any appliance unless it fits in on a shelf in my pantry. This does!
  2. How quickly items cook! For instance, I can cook 8 slices of bacon in my air fryer in 6-8 mins. All the grease drips off into the catch-all pan and the bacon is extra crispy!
  3. My favorite to cook is cauliflower! Cut into bite size pieces and toss with Frank’s Buffalo Sauce. Cook for 10 mins. You can top with blue cheese crumbles if you like or just eat as is. When I make this in a traditional oven it takes at least 35 mins due to waiting for the oven to preheat.
  4. Clean-up is a breeze! Seriously, so easy. Bonus: cover the drip pan with tinfoil for added ease!
  5. Your food is FULL of flavor. Meat is tender and vegetables are cooked through and crispy!

Fact about me: I vacuum my entire house twice a day. I can admit I am a bit OCD when it comes to a clean home, especially after cooking in the kitchen and Dyson is the only vacuum I’ve used for over a decade! The cordless are my favorite. You can shop Dyson vacuums via eBay for the best deals on refurbished vacuums straight from Dyson! 

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