How to make Vietnamese Spring Rolls


I’ve been a long time lover of Vietnamese spring rolls. They are packed with colorful fresh veggies and fun to eat. Oh, and totally filling too! The one hang up I had when wanting to make them was finding the best rice paper wrappers and knowing what to do with them. Last year my friend Mary made them and sent me here to order my wrappers. Once I figured out just how easy they were to make, I wanted to create different rolls. My kids like the veggie rolls, but they love the turkey, provolone, lettuce, cucumber and pickled rolls even more! We also want to make fresh fruit rolls and dip them in Nutella or yogurt. Get creative, the options are endless!

Summertime is the best time to try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen. My girls and I have so much fun shopping for new ingredients as well as putting our own twist on our favorite recipes. These Spring Rolls have been a staple in our recipe book for years and I’m sure they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. This is an amazing, fresh summer lunch or dinner option. I love how easy they are to make and how my youngest girls can hop in on the action. What better to have as a pool-side snack than fresh veggies packed into a yummy rice paper roll?!

Here’s what I did. Add slightly warm water to a shallow dish. Take your dry rice paper and dip one side, then flip over and dip the other. Keep moving the paper front to back for about 20 seconds. Lay it on your counter and add your filling to the side closest to you. Then wrap it like a burrito and make sure to tuck in the sides as you roll. Don’t get frustrated if the first few tear. Try soaking it for a few seconds less or adding less filling depending on the issue. It takes some practice for sure. But..even the rolls that don’t look pretty taste amazing! You can either cut in half and arrange on a platter or keep them whole.Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes making easy Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes making easy Vietnamese Spring Rolls Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes making easy Vietnamese Spring Rolls Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes making easy Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Most dipping sauces for Vietnamese rolls have peanut butter and since Goldie is allergic, we dip ours in my favorite sauce from Trader Joe’s, Gyoza. With the turkey rolls my kids dip them in mustard.


SHRIMP, cooked and cold – SHREDDED CARROTS – FRESH BASIL LEAF – PURPLE CABBAGE (for color and crunch) – CUCUMBER – AVOCADO – GREEN ONION – MANGO (Jeff likes this, I don’t like sweet and savory mixed )

Some other great additions could be a shrimp & pork mixture or shredded chicken! Rice noodles add the best crunch and a little lime juice can give any mixture a summery, citrus touch! There are so many great spring roll recipes to try.

Make them however YOU like. You can add anything. Or dip them in anything! Like a fish sauce, peanut dipping sauce, or soy sauce mixture. The rice paper is a great healthy alternative to bread and tortillas. This is a fantastic, lightweight meal that is perfect for summer; fresh, delicious and easy!


More Great Ways to Use Rice Papers:


Apple Pie Rice Paper Rolls:

Try mixing up diced apples, brown sugar and cinnamon and putting a little of the mixture into a rice paper! Bake at 450 for about 20 minutes & enjoy a yummy, sweet treat!


Chicken & Spinach Rolls:

Add cooked chicken, reduced spinach, some shredded carrot, garlic and onion into a boll. Roll up into a rice paper roll and cook at 450 for about 25 minutes! Super yummy to dip into a sweet, Asian sauce.


Chicken Salad Rolls:

I need to try this soon! Put a little lettuce and chicken salad into a rice paper roll. Perfect for summer and great for a party!


I have so many other great recipes that are staples in our home and I’ll link them all for you! I appreciate a delicious, simple meal that feeds all 6 of my family members, and this Spring Roll recipe is definitely one of them!