Sunnyscreen SPF50 by Supergoop!

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Did you know you AND your child should wear an SPF every single day?! Regardless of the season, making sunscreen part of your families morning routine is important! I’ve used Supergoop! products for about 4 years and have been super impressed as I’ve watched them expand their product line! Most recently they added SUNNYSCREEN SPF 50 for kids. With great packaging and an easy to apply sunscreen that actually works, we’re hooked on Sunnyscreen! The formula is gentle, free of parabens and silicones and even safe for infants!

Sunnyscreen SPF50 by Supergoop!


Growing up in Arizona and now raising my family in a beach town, I take our sun protection seriously. From making sure we have hats, we stay hydrated and always, always keep sunscreen in the car! It’s best to apply in the morning and reapply every 2 hours when playing outside. Be sure and cover your head, nose and ears as well.

Sunnyscreen comes in 3 variations: 100% MINERAL LOTION100% MINERAL SPRAY & my personal favorite: 100% MINERAL STICK

What’s in it?

Zinc Oxide – Sunflower Seed Oil and shea butter nourish delicate skin
Extracts from camu camu and green micro algae provide antioxidant protection.

What’s NOT in it?

Fragrances – Parabens – PEGs – Silicones – Phenoxythenaol -Petrochemicals -Phthalates – Mineral Oils – GMO -Oxybenzone

Make everyday a SUNNYSCREEN SPF50 day!

SUNNYSCREEN SPF50 by SUPERGOOP! lisa allen of salty lashes for supergroop! Lisa Allen and Ozzy featuring SUNNYSCREEN SPF50 by SUPERGOOP! Lisa Allen and Ozzy featuring SUNNYSCREEN SPF50 by SUPERGOOP!