5 Unique Ways To Make A Habit Stick & New Arrivals

When the new year comes around, I am always so motivated to create new habits & I promise myself I will stick to them. Around this time of year, it’s easy to fall away from those habits and get stuck in a routine you don’t like. Creating and committing to new goals half way throughout the year is never a bad idea, and something I am trying to do myself! New habits can be hard to incorporate into a fine-tuned schedule. But, it will never hurt to push yourself to getting around to doing what will benefit your mind and body most- no matter what time of the year! Whether it’s running a marathon, spending less time on your phone or getting outdoors more, goals help us to continue to learn and grow as well as experience new things in life! Nothing feels better than adding a new habit into your daily life or achieving a new goal.

There are many ways to make new goals and habits stick. I’ve learned a few tips & tricks that have worked for keeping goals for myself in the past! I am a very goal-orientated person and love the challenge! 

5 Unique Ways To Make A Habit Stick 

  1. Get others involved! This has to be my number 1 tip for creating a new habit! When others are involved, they hold you accountable! Find someone in your life looking to create the same new habit as you OR inform others of your new goal! Both are great ways to vocalize your goals and make them a reality.
  2. Start small. This is important. I love being specific with my goals. “Eating healthier” is such a broad goal and statement to make! Start off with something smaller. Maybe your goal could be cutting out gluten or not drinking your calories.
  3. Write it down & check it off. I love doing this when it comes to a new habit! It may sound silly, but being able to check off another day of keeping a goal is so rewarding! Also, it’s helpful to write down your goals and intentions- it makes them more approachable.
  4. Commit to 30 days. It takes 30 days to make or break a habit! If you can stick to 30 days, you’re golden!
  5. Have clear intentions! It’s so important that when creating a new goal or habit, your intentions are for yourself! If you’re trying to create a habit for someone else’s sake, it just won’t work. You have to want it for yourself to make it a reality.



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5 Unique Ways To Make A Habit Stick  5 Unique Ways To Make A Habit Stick  5 Unique Ways To Make A Habit Stick