CVS CarePass Membership Program

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With spring in full-swing & allergy season upon us, I’ve taken mine & my family’s health into high priority the last few months. I’ve been so thrilled about my CVS CarePass Membership which has offered me incredible benefits & savings this year!

CVS CarePass Membership Program

The CVS CarePass Membership is full of solutions & advantages to help you navigate the healthcare system at full capacity. For $5/month (or $48 annually – because you get your first month free!), you can enjoy a variety of CVS benefits in-store & online, like 20% off all CVS Health and Live Better products and access to a 24/7 pharmacist helpline & so much more. When it comes to prioritizing your family’s health, the CVS CarePass Membership is an affordable & effective way to make sure you’re receiving the best benefits possible.

I love all that the CVS CarePass Membership has to offer.

Once a part of the program, you can reap incredible offers and benefits. Free shipping on CVS products, a monthly $10 promo reward, free same-day prescription delivery and access to a 24/7 pharmacist helpline have proved so helpful to my family & meI the last few months. My last-minute shopping has benefited from the free 1-2 day shipping. And I’ve loved the free same-day shipping for prescriptions for my girls and I. I’ve loved using the $10 promo reward to stock up on some of my favorite beauty products that CVS carries.

If you’re a busy parent, raising a family and/or looking for a way to access the best that healthcare has to offer, the CVS CarePass Membership Program is an investment worth your time & money. Plus, when you sign up, you can get your first month FREE for 30 days! 

I’m so excited to share the CVS CarePass Membership with my followers and give them the opportunity to receive the great benefits that the program has to offer! $5 a month (or $48) is the best investment for your family’s convenience and health.

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