Behind The Scenes with Scunci

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when I bring my girls on a shoot? I’ll give you the run down. This is a shoot we did for Koolaburra (I’ll share more on this soon). We had two looks to complete and were racing against the sun setting. Having four girls we go through a lot of hair ties and bobby pins. It was even worse when Jeff had long hair..btw the terrible boyband cut I gave him is still trying to grow even so he can get a professional cut. Oops. Our favorite brand of hair bands are by Scunci!

Why? The main reason, they don’t snap in half while your’e trying to put your hair up in a topknot like most bands do. Second, the offer a HUGE variety of products from scrunchies, bobby pins, headbands, banana clips, and our latest favorite, the velvet bow!

Here’s my behind the scenes play by play from the shoot:

Before we leave the house I remind all the kids to grab their second outfit for look two. I also double check that everyone brushed their teeth..yep, still have to remind a couple of them.

Leave the house. Drive down our street and I hear “uhh mom, I forgot my boots.” I mean, the whole reason we are going to this shoot is FOR THE BOOTS. Turn around and head back home to grab them.

Arrive at our location and I remind the kids we are limited on time and to let our friend/photographer Arielle do what she needs to do, no fighting. They look at me as though they would never fight…

Two minutes later I am telling both Avery and Poppy if I hear them argue again they are both grounded.

Goldie is currently picking weeds and finding some incredible flowers growing in the field. She also calls out ” mom, am I being good? You know, not like those two.”

Outfit one is complete and we head to the car to change into outfit two. Once dressed we head to our next spot with my Scunci hair kit in hand.

I’ve got everything I need to create a topknot on Goldie and Avery can put hers up into a high pony. I added a scrunchie to Goldie and attached the velvet bow to Avery’s.

At this point Avery and Poppy are getting along and all is well again.

Arielle gets all the pictures she needs and we finish ahead of schedule! Woo!

The older they get, I’m finding it’s easier to involve them with work projects. A few years ago Avery and Poppy dreaded pictures and coming with me to this stuff. Now they ask to be help out and as teens, they love any reason to wear fun clothes and take pictures. I’d like to thank YouTube and selfies for that;)

Thanks for being here. Have a great day!

Outfit details below:

Scunci Lisa Allen and girls in California for Scunci Lisa Allen and girls in California for Scunci Lisa Allen and girls in California for Scunci


Avery:: DRESS(Topshop and in-store, but not online. Linked similar) – HAIR BOWBOOTS

Poppy:: JACKETTEE (similar) – JEANSBOOTS