Feminine Rejuvenation RejuVAnate Review With Dr. Zoe 

Okay, we’re going there…feminine rejuvenation is what I’m talking about today! I’m basically a child when it comes to publicly discussing anything related to bodily function. One on one or small group of people in my circle, no problem. Public platform..I’d rather shave my eyebrows off. That being said, I am a mom of 4 kids. I have birthed 4 children, no c-sections, so of course feminie rejuvenation has been on my list of treatments I wanted to try. Then you add my good friend and trusted physician, Dr. Zoe and I knew I was in good hands (pun intended:)) 

I started sharing that I was going to Zoe for RejuVAnate over the summer and received a lot of questions, so let me answer them the best I can. For all the important info go HERE! 

Feminine Rejuvenation RejuVAnate Review With Dr. Zoe

What is this magical treatment I’m talking about?

Feminine Rejuvenation is the ultimate treatment to invest in as you age and have children. It involves special laser technology to create small amounts of damage in the vaginal walls, thus healing them to be better than ever! The process stimulates collagen and thickens the vaginal skin! 

What are the benefits of RejuVAnate? 

RejuVAnation offer so many amazing benefits; elasticity, increased blood flow, alternative to estrogen creams, hormone treatments and even surgery! Vaginal dryness can decrease by up to 60%, itching up to 56% and soreness by 73%! Post kids I haven’t had issues with my bladder, I attribute that to jumping rope to help keep that area tight. However, 4 kids has definitely taken its toll on my body. Add age and I was a great candidate! 

How long does it take?

The process is quick and easy. Each appointment is about 10-20 minutes long and results can be noticed after just the first appointment! Zoe suggests a series of 3 treatments in 4-6 week intervals for the best, lasting results! It seriously shocking how quick the treatment is! 

What do I need to do to prepare for RejuVAnate?

Before getting RejuVAnation, you must have had a clear pap smear within a year. For 3 days before your appointment, stay away from sex, tampons, etc. If you’re getting RejuVAnation externally, stay away from sex and tampons for another few days after your appointment. If you’re receiving it internally, stay away from sexual activity for a week after! Also, avoid heavy lifting, clean the area often and use vinegar, water and olive oil to help ease and discomfort.  

Does it hurt? 

This was by far the popular question and the answer is NO! I totally thought it would. All you feel is the probe going in just like you do when you get a vaginal ultrasound. That’s it. Crazy right?

What did you personally notice from RejuVAnate? 

For me, I experienced the most noticeable results after the 1st treatment. Everything down there felt tighter and not dry which is amazing!
I’ve been seeing DR. ZOE for years and every treatment I get done from her proves better than the next. Check out my posts on Dr. Zoe’s AQUAGOLD TREATMENTS  as well as her MICRONEEDLING TREATMENTS. You can check out more of the amazing services Dr. Zoe has to offer on her WEBSITE or her INSTAGRAM.