lululemon Self Care For the Holidays

The holidays are filled with the best activities, parties & food! I often forget to take care of myself during the holidays because I become so consumed in baking, shopping, planning & hosting! This year I am determined to continue taking care of myself throughout the holidays in every way! 

With the best exercise wear from lululemon to their new ON THE GO SWEAT KITS you’ll have everything you need to take care of your body & mind during the holiday season. lululemon’s ON THE GO SWEAT KITS comes with a natural deodorant, a dry shampoo, a cool down lotion & lip balm! Amazing products to freshen you up after a workout and keep you healthy!

lululemon always helps to remind me about the importance of staying active during the holidays and caring for myself physically, mentally & emotionally! I’ve come up with 5 great tips I’m following this holiday season to keep my health at its’ finest. 

lululemon Self Care For the Holidays

  1. Keep ‘treats’, treats!

    It can be so easy to fall into a rabbit hole of candy & cookies during this time of year. I’m the queen of justifying a ‘treat’ for myself daily! But, this holiday season, I’m going to keep treats what they were meant to be, a treat! If you’re eating sweets every day, they’ve become more of a habit than a treat. Let yourself indulge at holiday parties or desserts on Thanksgiving, Christmas & the New Year.

  2. Take time for yourself!

    I believe it’s so important to take a few hours to yourself every once and a while! I always look forward to heading to the beach on my own & hitting the reset button. My mind is constantly running a million miles an hour, so forcing myself to relax is beyond refreshing.

  3. Get moving!

    The holidays are filled with the best activities! My family and I love taking bike rides & seeing the fall leaves, walking our neighborhood to see Christmas lights & taking weekend hikes through trails close to our home!

  4. Take care of your hair!

    The fall & winter air can be so dry! Keeping your hair healthy is very important to refrain from breakage. I love lululemon’s ON THE GO SWEAT KITS because it comes with some great products to keep my hair healthy and full.

  5. Hydrate your skin!

    From the skin on your face to your legs, I make a huge effort to keep my skin nourished in the dry weather. lululemon’s ON THE GO SWEAT KITS has some great skincare products for your face & lips that I love to use daily!

  • I’m going to be gifting so many of these ON THE GO SWEAT KITS to my family & friends this year because I truly LOVE their products. I use them daily. You can get the sweat kit in their ALOE LOTUS SCENT or their BLACK PEPPER SANDALWOOD SCENT. Both are amazing but my favorite is the ALOE LOTUS!
  • These FULL ON LUXTREME WUNDER UNDER LEGGINGS are amazing. They’re a little thicker fabric which is perfect for the chilly winters!
  • This SHERPA PULLOVER is one of my new favorite athleisure wear pieces. It is cozy & comes in a few neutral colors perfect for the winter.
  • Love the details on the bottoms of these EBB TO STREET TIGHTS! All the colors are so great. They’re so comfy which is a huge bonus.
  • I just got this SHORTSTOP LONG SLEEVE and I love it! It’s perfect for working out in the winter weather. It’s really light so won’t keep you too warm once you get your body moving.
  • lululemon’s ALIGN PANTS are one of my favorite products of theirs! They come in SO many great colors. The waist hits at the perfect spot and they’re the comfiest.
lisa allen of salty lashes for lululemon self care kits lisa allen of salty lashes for lululemon self care kits