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All I can say’s about time lululemon launched a SELF CARE line of products! Hallelujah! This NEW line from lululemon has been sweat tested on athletes (never animals) to ensure each product nourishes, protects and takes you from a sweaty workout to semi presentable;) I think I speak for many of us who workout in the morning then run errands, take kids to/from sports and don’t get home to take a proper shower until muuuuuch later in the day!

lululemon self care products

lululemon SELF CARE tips

  • To preserve your hair, don’t put in on top of your head in a messy bun. Instead, I’ll either wear mine down or in a pony. That way there are less kinks when I take it down and add some dry shampoo. If your head sweats a lot, add your dry shampoo then take a blow dryer to your roots.
  • Always keep deodorant in your car. Even the best of deodorants need to be reapplied from time to time.
  • Wear a hair tie on your wrist as a bracelet at all times. I always always always have one (or several)on my wrist.
  • Don’t wear makeup to workout. Do however wear moisturizer and a SPF.

From gym bag size to full size, lululemon’s new self care line comes in these 4 essentials:

DRY SHAMPOO (it’s amazing) –  a clear, no show formula. Aluminum free and smells divine!

DEODORANT  this areosal spray has a cooling effect, perfect post gym!

 LIP BALM  I never have bare lips, ever. I must always wear a balm on my lips due to chronic dryness. This balm is GOOD!

 FACIAL MOISTURIZER this reset moisturizer cleans, calms and resets your skin post workout! Great for both men and women.

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