Modern Fall Decor For The Minimalist

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We’re at the tail-end of our 3 year home renovation! Our FAMILY ROOM is finished and I am really trying to incorporate a few modern decor pieces for each holiday. You know I prefer a minimalist home, however my kids want to decorate for all the holidays! I believe in compromise and always seem to find cool, unique items from Etsy that all of us love!

This year I am hosting Thanksgiving at my home. You guys, I am SO excited to have my family come! This will be the first time, ever that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at my parents in Arizona. My mom and dad, siblings, their spouses, my nieces and nephews will all be here in California! This has totally lit the fire in us to finish up the downstairs bath, our master and get a few modern fall items to decorate with from Etsy!

Etsy makes it easy to find what you are looking for. I used the search bar and typed in Modern Fall Decor, Fall Candles, Modern Wreath, Velvet Pillow and Rustic Stems. I discovered so many great options from such talented sellers.

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes showing Etsy home decor for fall Salty Lashes is showing Etsy home decor for fall


  • The first item I found that really can be used year round are these cool COTTON STEMS! I love them mixed with Trader Joe’s greens in a GLASS VASE. They would also look really pretty in these GOLD BOTTOM VASES. 
  • I wanted to get pillows a couple of pillows that would compliment what we already have as well as fall colors. These MINIMAL STRIPE PILLOWS are perfect for the style we have in our family room. I also loved this RUST PILLOW from the same seller.
  • I bought this GREEN VELVET PILLOW uncertain of the quality. Once it arrived, I wished I had bought two of them! It’s so good!
  • To me this GEOMETRIC PILLOW is fall. The rust color reminds me of fall leaves, I think it’s so cute!
  • I found a seller that makes and hand pours CANDLES. We decided on Peppermint Bark, it smells like a chocolate peppermint cookie.
Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes showing Etsy home decor for fall Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes showing Etsy home decor for fall Fall Candle Fall Decor From Etsy Fall Decor From Etsy