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VSP Vision Care Releases New Survey Findings

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My whole life, I’ve understood the importance of regular eye exams. Both of my parents and all of my siblings all wear glasses/contacts.  I have been wearing glasses and contacts since I was 10 years old. My first pair of glasses covered my entire face thanks to a 2 for 1 special I shared with my brother who is 10 years older than me. Yep, my little 5th grade self has the same pair of glasses my 20 year old brother…#thanksmom

Recently  VSP Vision Care has conducted a survey with 1,000 Americans focused on eye health. What they found is that most Americans don’t understand the importance of a regular eye exam and the benefits it can have to your overall health.

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What an Eye Exam Can Do For You

With lives full of kids, to-do lists, errands and work, it can be hard to keep my eye exam as a priority. But eye exams typically last less than an hour!

One thing you may not know is how important regular eye exams are for everyone, even those who have 20/20 vision! Our eye health effects so much more than just our eyes. Signs of serious health issues and diseases can be detected through an eye exam! People have been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, brain tumors through signs detected during their regular eye exams. Having your eyes checked is more than just reading charts from a distance, it can be vital to your health and overall wellness!

What I Love About VSP

VSP Vision Care is driven by their customer service. Through every stage of your life, VSP is committed to the health of their members and families. I’ve seen first-hand that my wellness comes first with VSP! I can always trust that I am getting the best care possible with my VSP network doctor.

VSP provides a wide network of doctors who provide eye services at the lower out-of-pocket cost. Using VSP has always been a hassle-free process.

VSP Care Awareness Survey Results

Reading through VSP’s survey findings, I was shocked to find out how many Americans are neglecting the health and wellness of their eyes! We are staring at screens all day long, straining our eyes to harsh lights.

The survey found that:

  • Eight in ten people (84%) rate vision as the most important sense and nearly everyone (97%) agrees that having healthy eyes is important, but only half of people get annual eye exams.
  • Many vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms, so you might not know a problem exists.
  • An eye exam can also help your doctor see signs of common health conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, which the vast majority of Americans (96%) don’t realize.
  • After learning this, nine-in-ten survey respondents agreed on the importance of annual eye exams, and the majority were likely to urge their loved ones to get an eye exam. And when it comes to parents specifically, the survey found that:
  • Eight in ten parents (83%) agree that a regular eye exam helps kids do their best in school, but four in ten (41%) wait until their child complains about their vision to schedule an eye exam. This is problematic because many kids don’t know what seeing clearly looks like.
  • Only one in ten parents (12%) knows that children should have their first eye exam at six-months of age.
  • Twice as many parents worry about their children’s dental problems (15 percent) than their vision issues (7 percent), even though most children lose their baby teeth by age 12 or 13.
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VSP has been a saving grace to so many families eye health. Their Vision Care plans have help you stay consistent with eye exams and aware of our overall health.

Visit www.VSP.com to learn more and find a VSP network doctor near you.