5 Tips To Keep Working Out During The Holidays

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The holidays are the hardest for me to focus on working out. The majority of my adult years have been centered around fitness. The older I get, the more my focus has become my family and building my business. I’m okay with this stage of life. I am currently working out 3-4 days, 2 with a trainer and 1-2 on my own.

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5 Tips To Keep Working Out During The Holidays

  1. Sign up and PAY for workout classes ahead of time. If I have already paid for a class, I won’t miss it.
  2. Workout in the morning. This morning I felt rushed to get home and work. A friend asked to go on a walk. I went and am so glad I did. We walked 3 miles with Ozzy and her dog, it didn’t take long, but it forced me to move my body. Schedule a morning walk with a friend.
  3. Create a habit. For example: I used to do 100 pushups every night before I got into bed. Without fail. It was as important to me as washing my face and brushing my teeth. I just started this up again last month with 50 pushups every night until I build back up to 100. Little habits create results!
  4. If traveling during the holidays pack a jumprope and a resistance band in your bag. They are light and easy to pack. Plus, you can get an incredible full body workout using them.
  5. Set an alert on your phone. I have one at 8am, one at 1pm and one at 9pm. It says MOVE YOUR BODY! Today I walked 3 miles at 8am, at 1 I have personal training with Poppy and at 9 I’ll do my 50 pushups. Some days it can be as simple as 20 jump squats at 8am, 2 minute plank hold with 1 min of jump roping at 1pm and 50 pushups at 9pm. Just mooooooove your body!

5 Tips To Keep Working Out During The Holidays

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