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What To Put In Your Child’s Easter Basket

I LOVE Easter! It was my favorite holiday as a kid! Our baskets were always filled with swimsuits, sandals, a little candy, books, and games to play outside. I pretty much follow in my parents footsteps with what I put in the kids baskets. And now I totally understand why we never got the standard candy and easter theme filled baskets. Instead, we got a few fun things but ultimately…

what to put in your child's Easter basket
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February Beauty Buys + 30% off Dresses

Last month I posted my January BEAUTY BUYS and you seemed to love seeing what I bought, tried, loved and could do without. I'm back this month with a new list of February favorites and a couple of things I won't buy again. FEBRUARY BEAUTY BUYS  Over 200 of you ordered the GREEN LIP MASK from my Amazon post. Same formula as the pink, but it gives a better shine…

lisa allen sharing the best beauty products for 2019
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What We Bought on Amazon in 2018

A couple of weeks ago my friend Leanne posted the question on her story asking readers how many purchases they made on Amazon in 2018. I had no idea you could even check that but sure enough you can search your order history over a year it will tell you. So how many orders did we make in 2018? 239..yikes. I have to say Jeff orders cases of San Pellegrino…

Lisa allen of salty lashes wearing the Levi's Sherpa jacket and ray-bans

What’s In My Make-Up Bag

I realized a few days ago I don't have all my makeup products listed out in one spot that's easily accessible.With spring here and summer around the corner I wanted to share the products I own, use and keep in my MAKE UP BAG. I think I've stalled on this because I planned to make a video to go along with my make-up routine and have yet to do so.…


Product Testing and Products I LOVE

There are several products I'm currently testing out for you. Some are products you've asked about and some are products I've wanted to give a try. Products I'm testing, plus products I've already tested and know I love also listed under ALREADY TESTED and LOVED. For HAIR PRODUCTS I use go HERE. BLACK MAXI DRESS (wearing a xs ) - SNEAKERS - SUNGLASSES  Product Testing MAKE-UP Becca Hydrating Primer - I'm…

lisa allen wearing free people with quay and chloe sneakers