Favorite September Buys from Amazon

It’s time for our monthly Amazon Buys! I love finding new products on Amazon & sharing them with you all! This month, I found some great Halloween party items & decor from my September Amazon Buys! 

Favorite September Amazon Buys

September Amazon Buys
    • I’m on my second tub of this LALICIOUS BODY SCRUB! Our trainer Kim Kelly got us hooked, it’s so so good! It’s an amazing exfoliant to use in the shower, bath, or at the sink. Perfect for before you self tan! 
    • We got this 2 LB. BAG OF GUMMY BODY PARTS for Halloween last year! They’re so yummy & great for decoration or a party! ps..the fingers are the best texture! 
    • Avery and Poppy have been using this HONEST GEL CLEANSER for awhile now and they love it! It’s a great cleanser to use in the morning or night!
    • Love this PACK OF 9 FLAMELESS CANDLE SET! These are great for halloween decorations & are even remote operated!
    • These VELVET PUMPKINS are such cute decorations for fall! I love the neutral colors.
    • I got these BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES & love them! They help protect your eyes from the blue lights in our phone screens & laptops! I am on my laptop & phone often for work and these are great!
    • We love these METAL STRAWS! You get 12 for $7! They’re easy to clean and great for smoothies, juices, or Yeti Tumblers.
    • This FELT ACORN GARLAND is another great fall decoration that can last you through Halloween & Thanksgiving.
    • I got this BULK PACK OF GLOW STICKS for Halloween night! I love putting these on my girls on Halloween & even passing them out as trick or treat items!

More Fun Items:

    • I’ve heard great things about this BODY OIL as a substitute for lotion. I’m excited to try it!
    • These JELLO SHOT SYRINGES would be so fun for a Halloween party! Fill them with Jello Shots (virgin), soda or punch! See photo below. You saw us use these last year HERE.
    • I got these CLEAR VANITY ORGANIZERS for my makeup drawers and love them! Easy to clean and come in a variety of sizes. I originally shared them in my 2018 AMAZON BUYS post and bought more! 
    • These SKELETON FOOD PICKS are so cute! These are great for appetizers or finger foods at a party!
    • I got this LOUIS VUITTON AIRPOD CASE for my airpods! It protects them & also helps me separate my airpods from others!
    • You’ve seen me talk about this BOHEMIAN MIDI DRESS before. I just love it! It comes in a few different color & pattern options as well!
    • How cute is this BOHEMIAN BLOUSE?! I ordered one for myself!
    • I bought 4 of these GIANT SPIDERS to decorate the front of the house. They are so fun! I should have bought more..
Goldie Harris of Salty Lashes dressed as Gollum for Halloween with Mackenzie-Childs