Fitness Gear + Favorite Protein and Caffeine Products

I love finding new protein products and caffeinated beverages. Caffeine is my guilty pleasure. I don’t drink coffee, but do love energy drinks. A lot. Check out my favorites below in gear, clothing, shoes, protein and caffeine.


I’ve mentioned these on Instagram story (@lisa_allen), but really…THEY ARE THE BEST PROTEIN BARS! Did the all caps convey how serious I feel?;) No joke. The PB Pie tastes like a no-bake cookie. My top flavors in order: PB PIE, LEMON CAKE, ALMOND BLISS (tastes like an Almond Joy) and CINNAMON ROLL. If you’re new to these bars, get the VARIETY PACK and decide which you love the most.

When I want something light, that feels like a treat I grab a CRUNCH BAR. I also love keeping them in the freezer and eating them frozen. Goldie loves the vanilla flavor.

Have you ever tried protein CHIPS? 21 grams of protein and only 130 calories per serving. They are great when you are really trying to add protein, cut carbs and still want to feel like you’re indulging. One note: you will need to drink something with these chips. They are super dry.

Another crunchy favorite, PROTEIN POPCORN. I love the mild spicy flavor most.

Another bar you’ve seen often on my Instagram story, the ZONE BAR. Avery and Poppy eat these every single day.


I’ve been drinking ZIPFIZZ for over a decade. 10 years ago I was drinking it so much and running 10+ miles a day. I ended up asking them to sponsor a Ragnar race we were doing, and they did. All these years later, I’m still a fan.  Jeff drinks these every day.

You know my all-time favorite energy drink is sugar-free RED BULL. To me it tastes like Smarties. Be on the lookout, there is a new Red Bull hitting stores that I’ll be testing out very soon.

Another long-time favorite is CELSIUS. I can really feel a boost of energy with this drink.

About a year ago, thanks to my friend Kim I discovered BANG ENERGY DRINKS. You have to try the cotton candy flavor! It’s incredible. Best part of this drink, it has creatine and BCAA’S  (amino acids)

Right before the gym, I like the convenience of these PRE WORKOUT packets. Do not take longer than 5 minutes before you begin your workout.

White MONSTERS, I love them.Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes sharing her favorite forms of protein and caffeine


You don’t need a gym membership to get in great shape. These DUMBBELLS are my favorite. I’ve had mine since I was training in AZ. Still as good as new! Best price you’ll find anywhere! Not sure what weight to get. I like to have 10, 12 and 15 lbs on hand.

A weighted JUMP ROPE . Work up to 1000 jumps per day. You can do it! I heard on Oprah years ago that jumping is the single greatest thing you can do to slow down the aging process. JUMP!

A BALANCE BALL will help keep your core engaged and your posture on point. I’m a fan! I prefer a big ball like an 85 or 95cm.

I use the HIP CIRCLE every day. Great resistance for squats, hip thrusters, even just walking up and down the stairs at home. You will feel the burn! I use a size medium.

I recently started using SLIDERS at home. On my FACEBOOK page I shared a video from Jennifer Aniston’s trainer. It’s a super similar move that we do at bodyrok on the reformer machine.