Healthy Holiday Tips For Kids

Healthy Holiday Tips For Kids

Some of the BEST parts about the holidays is the food. Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, seasonal treats and Christmas desserts! It is that time of year where sugar and fun go hand in hand. But, it is so easy for kids to fall into some unhealthy patterns of eating during the holidays as well. How do you say “no” to holiday sugar cookies, homemade pumpkin pie and all kinds of sweets!

So many things can play into why it is so easy to create unhealthy habits during the holidays. The fact that the sun sets so early can make kids tired easier & less active throughout their shorter days. It gets colder outside making it more difficult for kids to want to get outside and move. And let’s not forget all of the FOOD involved in the holidays. So much food!

I have compiled a few tips & tricks on how to help your kids (& yourself, even) stay healthy through the holidays!


Like I said about the weather changes, it gets cold! It is so tempting to stay cooped up inside in your warm & cozy home during the holidays. Find some creative ways to get your kids moving and active! Along with the holidays comes SO many fun winter activities.

Ice skating, building snowmen, holiday parades, turkey bowls & Christmas light sight-seeing! Find fun ways for your kids to want to get outside & move their bodies! Bring your kids along with you grocery shopping and let them play a part in picking healthy snacks & treats. One thing my family always loves is bundling up in our winter clothes & taking a walk around our neighborhood to see the Christmas lights!



This could seem like a tricky tip to follow, but it is really simple! There are so many yummy AND healthy Christmas treat recipes out there! From no bake cookies, to fresh-fruit based desserts, you have so many options. Read through recipes with your kids and involve them in the process of making healthier holiday treats! They will feel more involved and excited about eating healthier!

MyHealthy Holiday Treats’ board on Pinterest has so many yummy options. Never underestimate the power of making a strawberry look like a Santa Claus. There are so many recipes that are creative, fun and appealing to kids!

Healthy Holiday Tips for Kids


This is an awesome way to teach your kids how to cut back on too many sweets during the holidays. Limit treats to the weekend, or only to holiday parties! If you incorporate cookies, candy and sweets in your everyday routine, kids will expect them every single day. Make a treat a ‘treat’ in the sense that it doesn’t come often and is special when it does!


Chores are an awesome way to keep your kids active during the holiday season. You know I am a big believer in CHORES for KIDS! Have your kids help in cleaning bedrooms, tidying up clutter-filled spaces and checking chores off of their list! While you’re busy hosting visiting family, throwing parties for your friends or decorating your home, your kids can be a big help in keeping your home clean.

Make chores the first thing your kids need to do that day. Whether it’s before school, or right when they get home, they can create a habit of getting moving and helping around the home!

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Along with the excitement of the holidays, comes the nasty cold & flu season. Teach your kids about WHY eating healthy is important! Teach them to wash their hands (often) and about keeping clean spaces in their home & their bodies! Providing your kids with Vitamin C rich snacks will help keep their immune systems strong and help fight those nasty colds!

The holidays are such a magical time for everyone. And along with all the magic comes the food, treats and fun! It’s totally understandable how it can be difficult to teach your kids not to indulge too much during the holidays. But, by implementing just a few new routines in their day, your kids can kick those bad habits & stay healthy through the holidays.

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